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, and drunk driving threaten maryland's roadways. this holiday, police are out in force. >>> good evening, i'm gigi barnett. adam may has the night off. that is what people are talking about right now. the fourth of july holiday brings a big risk for drivers. a new state campaign could help decrease the number of fatalities this weekend. suzanne collins has more on how police are keeping the roads safe this weekend. suzanne? >> reporter: let's say they are out in force and especially en route to the ocean and western maryland, gigi. we understand they are not only focusing on drunk driving but also drugged driving. it's a bang up weekend for a party. there will be alcohol consumed and a massive number of cars on the road traveling. this combination means more crashes so police have set up special enforcement details. >> holiday weekends means more traffic on the road, more speeders trying to reduce the travel time, which by the way, doesn't work. also, a lot more drunk drivers on the road. >> reporter: there's also a new campaign to not only arrest drunk drivers but drugged drivers. the balt
big story tonight at 11:00. day two of being left high and dry for nearly two million maryland residents. mandatory water bans still in effect tonight as emergency repairs continue on a faulty water main in potomac. fox 5's jennifer davis has those details. >> reporter: wssc says it will have people out here around the clockworking till this pipe is both drained and repaired but they say until that happens it is really important that customers out there restrict their water usage so that firefighters, hospitals and anyone would really need it is will have it. they say right now people are not cutting back enough. the problem is a weakened section of a 96-inch water main. they are asking all its customers to reduce their water usage by about a third t so far usessage has only declined less than 10%. the pool manager says they're doing their part. they held off filling the pool much longer than usual and wssc says everyone can do a little bit. >> no watering outside. no watering your lawns. don't wash your car. no topping off a swimming pool. inside your house folks can definitel
week, possibly flirting with 100. hagerstown, 59. 50 in martinsburg. manassas 52. clinton, maryland 57. i wanted to show you garrett college, deep creek lake, 45 degrees this morning. oh, my gosh. we have high pressure centered on top of us. it stay with us through the holiday weekend. no rain for july 4th and no rain for today. we'll go from 75 at 9:00 to 83 at noon. 88 by 6:00. i'll have the rest of your details coming up in just a few minutes. >> thanks, kim. >>> we have breaking news this morning, an amber alert has been issued in maryland. police are looking for 2-year-old aaron gomez. he was last seen wearing a red shirt and blue pants. little aaron gomez was last seen near adelphi, maryland and police believe the suspect with him, a 22-year-old man. he does have two tatoos one that says lidia on his neck and ice on his arm. he may be driving a black nissan sentra with maryland tags 5fj-e 91. >>> we're also following some breaking news out of the democratic republican of the jong. a u.n. radio station is reporting 190 people are dead after a truck carrying oil flipped and explode
travel, 4th of july weekend is in full swing as thousands of marylanders and the police are hitting the roads. >>> and it's looking like the heat will return just in time for the holiday. meteorologist tim williams has the details coming up in your first warning weather forecast. eyewitness news saturday morning starts now. >>> good morning, welcome to eyewitness news this afternoon. an andrea fujii in for gigi barnett. >>> temperatures in the 60s. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >>> a little chilly, enjoy the chill. >> it's going away after the next day or so. today we'll be warming up a little more than yesterday. the nice thing is we're dealing with a dry heat, which is not something we typically get to say in this region. the humidity will build by the end of the weekend into next week we'll deal with humidity and heat as well. your forecasted to temperatures in the 60s area wide. we'll be touching the 70s quickly. we're going up to a high of close to 90 degrees, look for sunshine. a little more humidity than yesterday. dew points will be low. we'll talk about how h
along the gulf coast, leaders here in maryland say they're preparing for the possibility of the oil reaching beaches in our area. news 4's chris gordon has more on the steps they're taking to keep local waters clean and the seafood safe. >> reporter: maryland governor martin o'malley lowered the boom. on board a boat operated by the maryland department of environment emergency response team, the governor got firsthand experience handling some of the 2 miles of boom that the state could use if oil or tar balls were to make it from the spill in the gulf to the bay or the beaches here. but the chances of that are slim. >> the likelihood of the oil from the gulf impacting the beaches of maryland is extremely remote. having said that, there is the potential for this to disrupt ecosystems, the white marlin and also birds that actually go and winter in that area and come back up here for the summer. >> reporter: the governor led his roundtable discussion in ocean city with local business owners, representatives of the u.s. coast guard, and maryland environmental experts. >> it's very unlik
's hard to believe we cave the blue crab. it's no surprise that the creepy creatures a maryland favorite and for some the price doesn't matter. >> my wife said how much and i didn't even ask. >> reporter: we checked in a few months after talking to the owner e. buys whole seller who move them out of the gulf. they say there is no choice but to raise prices because the oil spill has cut down on crabbing efforts. the owner said several weeks after the disaster he had to pass along the price. >> they went up about four to five dollars a dozen. about a dozen and about 40 or $50 a bush el. >> reporter: a dozen charge large go for $55. much higher and one man will look for something else. >> price goes up to $75 or 100 a dozen we will think twice before we get them. >> reporter: the future is not certain since the oil spill is unprecedented but a report is not good news. sciencists with the university of southern mississippi have found drop lets of oil in the larvae of blue crabs. one said the effect could last years, not months. for now crabbers are having a good season helping balance the
, a black 1999 nissan sentra which maryland please 5fg-e 91. those pleats 5fg-e91. if you see the suspect or child don't approach them because you can put the child in danger or yourself. but do call police if you do come across either of these people. again, amber alert issued for jarn gomez, a 4-year-old hispanic male taken from in front of the metro station here at mount vernon square in washington. prince george's county police and d.c. police are working together on this one. we're lichb northwest. now back to you. >>> 8:01. time to check in with kim martucci for a look at our weather. enjoy today, right? >> yeah. bottle it. >> can we put it in this? >> yeah, sure. it will turn steamy here into next week. we'll ease into those 90s one day at a time today. it's a trip into 80s. we're watching the washington monument. clear skies. gorgeous start. perhaps you're getting in that morning routine, jog or walk. humidity is not bad. 69 degrees with dew points in the 50s, feels good. humidity is 53%. southwest within at 7:00. how do we compare? hagerstown at 63, richmond 60, salisbury 69. hig
to track down his killer. >> a deadly rag race in maryland. two years ago. why police say it could happen again this week, at almost the same spot. %-wave.ready for another heat how temperaturee will rise vee the weekend and how long it will be before we get some rain, inú the sky watch forecast. >> and living to a 100. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is ú%x 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am karen parks. the u.s. mariie set to return to afghanistan, is shot and killed. aad inside of a baltimore city nightclub. >> myranda stephens standing by3 live downtown with more on how his plans tooo a tragic turn. myranda? >>>ell, jeff and karen, by all accounts, chase love was a marine ready for war. but instead of returniin to afghanistan, he died in a battle ú% a different kind. inside of thii baltimore lounge. >> custooer came and said you know wwat happened? somebody as killed. >> talk was found out through ú%e customers of a killing of a marine riggt next door to the -owntown hallmark store. >> sad, killed in baltimore. >> police say 26-y
, students at the university of maryland are scared and looking for the start of a strong recovery with lots of hiring. >> the touchy political issue of extending unemployment benefits will remain unsettled until the senate returns from a break in 10 days. in the meantime, maryland's new unemployment numbers have not been released, but we are well below the national average. >> police have removed 76 illegal guns from the streets. police are looking for a gunman who shot an active duty officer. they arrived at a bar this morning where it 26-year-old chase love was gunned down. >> this is a war veteran, someone returning from afghanistan and the second tour of duty serving this country. he was gunned down for no good reason at all. >> detectives say i love it was shot in the chest after a fight broke out. an unidentified victim was shot in essex this morning. he has been rushed to bayview medical center. he died. police do not have a suspect or a motive. >> a trial of a woman who shot and killed her husband is about to wrap up. barry sims has been covering this trial since it began. he has th
in the gambling arena. maryland has approved slots, something charlestown has had for years. now they offer games you'd expect to see in vegas and atlantic city. >> it's really taking money out of maryland, you know, and bringing it down here. so as a result, they're losing revenue. >> the casino is still packed on this opening night that people are waiting in line just to get to one of these table games. officials say more than 90% of the gamblers here are from d.c., maryland and virginia. >> when the ca sin sew nope is in full operation next week, there will be 85 different tables and a 27-table poker room. that's in addition to 5,000 slot machines. >> i just think it's going to bring a lot more people here that normally would go to atlantic city or vegas. it's just an hour down the road versus a $400 plane ticket. >> darcy spencer, news4. >>> some improperly disposed fireworks sparked a massive fire last night. the family had set off legal fire works and followed all the precautions but they placed the fire works in a plastic bucket that melted on the front porch. the resulting fire destroyed
is estimates 658,000 marylanders will be out for the weekend. if you need a ride this weekend but you don't have one, at any point you can call tipsy taxy twaopb between 10:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. that number, 1-877-963-taxi. >>> police will also be riding on nta buses and light rail all weekend for an extra layer of security. >>> congressman drewburger introduced a bill to protect passengers. the bill comes after a series of marc delays, including one called the hell ride. passengers were trapped for two hours in extreme heat. the new bill requires that water be provided for passengers among other things. >>> two suspected russian spies have reportedly confessed to living with a false identity. >>> employment rate dipped slightly to 9.5%. experts say 200,000 jobs a month need to be added in order to sustain a recovery. only 83,000 were added last month. >>> finally some progress in the clean up of the gulf oil spill in the wake of hurricane alex. here's a live look under water at the still leaking spill. more oil skimmers were back out today to start cleaning up again for the first time s
in effect and police believe the suspect may be driving a 1999 black nissan sentra with maryland plates. >> there's a lot of questions. for example, the boy was taken in washington, d.c., but the mother did not report the kidnapping or the alleged kidnapping. she went to her home in hyattsville before she called police. why that happened is not clear. at this point, police have not charged him with anything, i believe at this point, they are trying to sort this out. they are talking to the mother and the child. reporting live, i'm armando trull, back to you. >> armando, thank you. >>> we have another developing story at this hour. the on going water woes in montgomery county. major progress overnight, crews were able to shut off the water so repairs can begin on the 96- inch pipe in gaines borrow road. as surray chin reports, people violating those mandatory water restrictions. >> lifted with a major sign of progress as a 96-inch replacement pipe was lowered. it's tricky maneuvering. >> not much room to play with. >> no room to play with. >> this is the massive pipe in question wit
in potomac, abc 7 news. >>> meantime, a two year-old maryland boy has been found and is safe. police issued an amber alert after aaron gamez was reported about the last afternoon. officers are not releasing details on how the child was found but are continuing to investigate. >>> another soldier from our region has been killed in iraq. specialist morganne mcbeth died yesterday. choose critically injured in a non-combat incidents on thursday. she was 19 years old and part of the 82nd airborne division based in fort bragg, north carolina. vice president biden is going to erupt for a surprise trip. elections were held in iraq for march, but no clear winner was determined. biden is hoping he can urge opponents to agreement. >> i remain extremely optimistic about a government being formed here. i am with the representatives representing all the main parties. >> there is some urgency. the administration would like to see a formal agreement before the of military begins to draw down next month. when that withdrawal is complete just 50,000 u.s. combat troops will remain in iraq. >>> another promine
. maryland state police will deploy 50 state troopers. two other state agencies are making their -- their agencies available as well. >> for a complete list of all the fourth of july happenings, www.wbaltv.com is your place to turn. there is a lincoln our home page with everything you need to know to make this independence day a safe and happy and fun one. >> the fireworks are a big part of the holiday tradition. this morning, a reminder of how drust dangerous it can also be. check out the flames shooting from this home in centreville, virginia. the cause of the fire, used fireworks not properly disposed of. be sure to check out our safety tips. >> the gunman who shot and killed a marine getting deployed to afghanistan. chase love was gunned down around 3:15 ap after anl altercation in the 200 block of baltimore street. the marine was murdered on the dance floor. we're told the victim was from new orleans and was celebrating with fellow marines before there are deployment to afghanistan. >> we need people to start getting outraged. thds a war veteran, someone returning to a
. >> wisdom martin in the newsroom. thank you for that. >>> developing in maryland tonight. day two of water woes across prince george's county and montgomery county. all because of this. a faulty 96-inch water main in potomac. nearly two million customers still under mandatory wrn bans tonight to -- water bans tonight to make sure there is enough water to go around. >> reporter: wssc says its crews will be working for the next couple of days. first to drain this pipe and then to repair it. they say until they're able to do that, they really need their 1.8 million customers to cut back and conserve on their water uses. right now they say not enough people are doing that. 4th of july is all about the water but with handtory water -- mandatory water restrictions for all customers right now that is taking on a whole new meaning, especially at places like the east gate swim and tennis pool. >> we definitely cut down the amount of water we use. we're definitely -- they asked us to cut down. i think we cut it down at least a third. >> reporter: the pool manager says if she hadn't read about the co
declared his candidacy to become maryland's governor. he took a leave of absence from the baltimore law firm he has been working. he filed a financial disclosure form as required at the ethics commission. he is expected to face martin o'malley in a rematch from 2006. >>> his former lt. gov. michael steele is in during calls to resign over comments he made about president obama's handling of the war in afghanistan. >> this is not something the u.s. has actively prosecuted. >> eight chairmen3 comments thursday during a fund- raiser in connecticut -- the chairman made those comments. this after the war in afghanistan started after the 9/11 attacks. >>> a popular casino is gambling on table games for an economic boom. table games open up for customers at the hollywood casino in charlestown, west virginia. richard reeves has more. >> these new tables at the new hollywood casino, blackjack and craps drawing hundreds of new people. >> you feel a little more like atlantic city. >> the casino will add 600 new jobs and with dealers and millions in tax revenue. >> the more people that come here, t
. in the news for today, breaking news, an amber alert has been issued in maryland. police are looking for 2-year-old aaron gomez. he has curly black hair. about 3'4" tall and weighs 40 pounds. last seen wearing a red shirt and blue pants. police believe aaron was snatched outside the mount vernon metro station in the district. police say he was abducted by 22-year-old jose turcios. he's 5'8" and about 195 pound and has a pony tail. turcios also has a tattoo on his neck that says lidia and ice tattooed on his arm. he may be driving a black 199 nissan sentra with maryland tags 5 fge 91. your forecast is coming up next. stay with us. ♪ [ deb ] people don't just come to ge capital for money. they come to us for help. at ge capital, we've been financing taylor guitars for over eight years, helping them build a strong dealer network. bringing music to people... i like that. ♪ ♪ [ bob ] i didn't know you could play. i didn't either. ♪ >>> welcome back. kim martuccijoins us now. >>> we'll ease back into the summer time heat as we think about the next few days. today baby step from 24r0er8s
tough for nearly 2 million people in maryland's two most populous counties but seems a leaking pike may not be fixed anytime soon. britany morehouse joining us live from the repair site with truly an inside look at the problem. brittni? >> that's right, anita. a really good inside look at the pipe. the 96-inch water main that still remains underground at this point. it is made with a mixture of cement and reinforcing wires. something that looks like this. wrapped around the cement and the tension of this coiled wire, well that's what gives the pipe its strength. so when there is damage it starts to grate. the wire breaks apart. all it wants to do is straighten out. that's not good for people in montgomery county. >> yes, it is, sir. how may i help you. >> reporter: last night the 311 call center operators answered water related questions. >> primarily just folks looking for information. >> reporter: today those calls are about violations. >> folks calling to report their neighbors. maybe a school. a business. an apartment complex. so what we have done with those is we captured that info
especially in the case of an emergency. darcy spencer is live in potomac maryland with the latest and i understand you found some people who were breaking the rules? >> reporter: that certainly is the case. officials want people to cut back on their water use by about 30%. that's simply not happening. people are cutting back by 10%. the wssc and police officers are going out and enforcing these restrictions if you violate these restrictions you could face a $500 fine. water fountains can be a great way to beautify your landscaping. using them is a violation of the suburban sanitary conviction's mandatory water restrictions. managers at this apartment complex were given a written warning in order to shut it off or face a fine. they turned it off. it would require fresh water to keep it operational and so we requested he shut that down and they were cooperative. >> 1.8 million wssc customers are being urged to reduce their water use. the utility is replacing a 96-inch main in danger of rupturing, but wssc customers are still using way too much water. >> green lawns are great, but a green
to talk about jobs. joo creation. budget. budget deficit.3 what is next for tte stateeof maryland. >> for all the coverage of the 2010 campaign seassn, go to foxbaltimore.com and click onúú. >> formerrfox 45 intern parrs -rug charges in ssuth africa today. smelled pot outsiie of a stadium where a world cup match was being played. the other woman pled guilty to possession charges. the judge dropped the charges against hilton. >> a terrible mix up in this bad economy, almost 60 teachers inn3 milwaukee got layoff noticcs bb mistake. according to their union. when the error was discovered, those teachers were given their jobs back. and othhr teachers given layoff nottces, including this one. >> i resigned my lease for my apartment, i am supposed to be leaving on vacation. >> the teachers' union is now newly laid off teachers. major mix up there..3 >> weather wise it ggts hotter from here. and you love that? >> loving every minute of it. >> you like it until we bake >> we need to get reedy for the return of just what was said. meteorologist emily gracey is forecast. hi em. here bite
have s.ed rt nsta-weather plus forecast i just a minute. s.> maryland state police hplee issued an amber alert for aaron gamez. s.ed s.e was last seen wearing a shirt, and blue pants. s.e has curly hair and was seen in the 9400 block of alelphi road in adewee hi cmaryland. cmars.e plees suss specked to b kidnapped by a 22-year-old s.ispanic male the suspect tattoo of "lydia" on his neck and "ice" on his forearm. s.e is dripenng a nissan 5 plates. call 911 if you hplee informatin or 301-333-4,0 be if pou have information. >> if you are getting ready to s.it the road, pou will have plenty of company. >> ae w is protecting the numbe cof people hitting the road is p from last year. ng the road is p c>> chris clackum has more. s.> it seems more people than ever will be watching the ctaillights red glare. ce wa thinks the number of peop traveling this holiday weekend s.ill increase more thanboa7% ts year. >> i think people are feeling cmore solid economicallatem who knows.d economicallatem people may be worried they chidettt get to travel last fla and now they are making up for it. cm
:26. here is a look at some of our top stories. maryland police have issued an amber alert. he is a two year-old hispanic male described as 3 foot and fort inches. the child was last seen wearing a red shirt. the child is believed to have been abducted a 22 year-old hispanic male described as being 5 feet 8 inches. he as a tattoo on his neck. he is believed to be driving a black nissan with maryland tags. anyone with informations is asked to immediately call 9-1-1. a dance floor turned deadly for a marina about to be deployed to afghanistan. he was shot in the chester around 3:15 friday morning after an altercation. the victim was from new orleans and was celebrating with fellow marines before their deployment. >> we need people to start getting out rage. this is a war veteran. he was gunned down for no good reason at all. >> anyone with information is asked to come forward. he is the third service member to be murdered in baltimore city this year. in baltimore county, police are trying to figure out how a car slammed into a home. it happened last night. it is a corvette. >> my friend out on
, maryland. a 24-year-old is suspected in the disappearance. ,,,,,,,,,,,,ay he may be fourth of july weekend. i would expect a little more excitement for the fourth of july weekend. forget that. welcome back to "the early show," everybody. hope everyone is doing well. it will be a beautiful weekend across the nation like lonnie told us earlier. our fourth of july spectacular takes place here a taste of america, fireworks for your mouth as we like to say. >> a good one, chris. >> i'm rebecca jarvis in for erica hill. taking you to maine for the country's best lobster and to wisconsin not brett favre or cheese but the greatest apple pie. >> we have great music from phil vassar to wash it all down. >> i can't wait. first, kate sullivan is at the news desk with the latest headlines. >> good morning, everyone. the republican national committee chairman under increasing fire from members of his party to resign over remarks he made about the war in afghanistan. he described the conflict as quote a war of obama's choosing thursday. he later said he supported the troops there but steele did not admit
>> good morning. in the news, maryland state police have issued an amber alert for a 2-year-old from prince georges county. they are looking for aaron gomez, a 2-year-old hispanic male, weighing 40 pounds with curly black hair. he was last seen wearing a red shirt and blue pants. police believe he is with a 22-year-old hispanic man. he has two tattoos, one on his neck and another on his forme. if you have have any information call 911 or prince georges county police. and they are asking customers to reduce their water use. customers in montgomery and prince georges counties aren't cutting back enough. water use jadge has been cut only by a third of a goal. there was a cracked pipe about to rupture. now, over to dave for a first look at your holiday forecast. >> this is the kind of weekend where you want to be in the water because the temperatures are going to be back up where they were in late june. it's a delightful morning down at national airport. 66 degrees. things are going to be changing. our holiday just about over. our high pressure center is starting to drift out to sea. as
: got the point, caller. aberdeen, maryland, jason on the republican line. what do you think of what the chairman said? caller: i think it's wonderfully consistent with the republican party with michael steele at the helm. continued conflicting message between their own party. this party is in disarray. they need to get it together. michael steele has an array of things he should have been fired for and the reason he's not been fired, the only reason is because they're afraid to fire the black man they hired. that's plain and simple. host: here is bill kristol's letter, i think we have time, dear michael you are i know a patriot so i ask you to consider over this july fourth weekend doing an act of service for the country you love. resign as chairman of the republican party. your tenure has been marked by gaffes and embarmentse, but i for one have never made much attention to them and never thought they would matter much to the success of the causes and principles we share. but now you have said about the war in afghanistan speaking as r.n.c. chair, quote, keep in mind federal candid
maryland, donna edwards. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady is recognized. ms. edwards: i rise in support as a co-sponsor of this amendment and i thank congresswoman lee. this amendment requires that we act on evidee and we know that based on the evidence our afghanistan policy is a failure. numerous strategies and restated mission statements from president bush to prime minister gordon brown to prime minister blair to president obama, we -- restated mission statements continue to fall srt. u.s. military reported that 102 coalition forces were killed in june alone along with the people of afghanistan heightening the iraq war. we need to use our resources to bring our troops, our treasure home. i want to be clear. my opposition to the war is opposition to the policy and not to the brave men and women about we do an an injustice if we do not have a debate. i have seen the conditions on the ground just recently and this war will never end quickly, if at all. i urge my colleagues to support this andment. and whether it was miss crystal or petraeus, it's not about the generalsut abo
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)